Riku Kingdom Hearts 
rig by Yuniwii

Now, i put adult Riku from Kingdom Hearts games. This is Riku from Kingdom Hearts BBS. This model rather complicated, because Riku wearing double shirts. Sometime the undershirt, appear in some animation.

And these are  Riku Blindfolded from Kingdom Hearts 2, i made edited version too, to create Normal Riku as alternative. I put two Riku's weapons  in this pack. One weapon (Way of Dawn) created by Berny.

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  1. I have Some Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep models so can u port zack model for me if i give u link ?

  2. No problem, i have BBS models too, it's possible to convert sometime

  3. Cool do you have Zack from KHBBS model the one i have isnt smoothed i dont know how

  4. I would try to convert it myself but 3dsmax is way big and i dont wanna buy it

  5. este es mi personaje favorito gracias por el skin =)


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