Songoku with Saiyan Costum 
rig by Yuniwii

This mod converted from Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Rig not in T-pose position, but still ok in GTA San Andreas. At least for me.
This is normal Songoku (Scouter costum) 

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  1. Hey Yuniwii!

    It's me, Berny

    Well, In first please congratulate for this model, this is my favorite suit for Goku, you have been doing an amazing work man

    and I have a question, sorry for post it here but I don't have another way to contact with you

    So, here goes.. If I give you a model with his textures, will you rigg for me?

    I've been trying to rigg it, but it has errors everywhere!!

    Thanks in advance yuniwii, You'll go far man..

  2. It's because the wrong material, try give the GTA material.
    There are some people send to me the models to fix, too.
    But i only able to answer, try to ask other modder

  3. I mean the error for GTA mostly the material problems, or you not rigging the model properly.
    You can ask to gtaforums mod request

  4. Mr. Yuniwii, could I ask you something?
    could you rig Goku with his original costume from DBZ Budokai Tenkachi 3 ?, I really want it...

    Anyway, Thanks before, It's really good works...keep modding,,,,

  5. donde instaloo el personaje de goku o cambio de personaje