Hannah / Huang Shuyi from Battlefield 4

GTA San Andreas Ped Skin

Hannah or Huang Shuyi (Chinese: 黄书毅) is a Chinese Secret Service agent in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 4: Countdown to War. She joins Tombstone squad to protect high-value individual Jin Jié, but becomes friends with the Tombstone members. 

credit : convert to GTA SA by Yuniwii
from Luxox rip

Warning : This is high polies and high textures model, and possibly can crash your game

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  1. why no credits ? like my gundam :(

    1. oh, i forgot . Thanks .... :(
      credit : convert to GTA SA by Yuniwii

    2. release on facepunch by http://luxox18.deviantart.com/

      and this too http://goreface13.deviantart.com/art/STRIKE-FREEDOM-Gundam-Musou-2-350839130 my gundam

    3. I am not using Goreface rip.
      But it's true the Hannah model using luxox rip, i fix and port them to work in GTA SA.
      They are all different format (XNALara .mesh or RAW models (3ds, obj) not GTA San Andreas format (dff).
      You should know the different, if you really using this mods and their models.