GTA San Andreas Ped Skin Cable

Ini mengupdate 3 model Cable yang linknya mati

"Cable (Nathan Dayspring Askani’son Summers) is the time-traveling son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (a clone of Jean Grey). "

Cable From Marvel Heroes

Cable Pack 8 models 


Cable : Armored Cyborg, Black Ops, War Baby, Techno (organic) Virus, Classic X-Men di tambah 3 Cable yang hilang Cable Modern, Cable Original, Cable X-Force Legendary X-Men Reformed

18-04-2017 New Mods download (support Normal map + reflection)


Cable Pack (5 models)

Cable : Armored Cyborg, Black Ops, War Baby, Techno (organic) Virus, Classic X-Men

old mod d o w n l o a d


Cable Modern


Cable Original 


Cable XForce Legendary (X-Men Reformed)

old mod

Cable character from DeadPool

The model from DeadpPool the game. This model rather complicated to rig, some bugs probably still exist.

Cable in GTA

v21072013 convert : Yuniwii

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  1. You have models of the Punisher? you can convert them? for gta sa
    Has some models look here:

    The Punisher Game:
    Marvel heroes:

    I think it would look very good in GTA IV, it's a shame that I have a very bad
    computer :/. Thanks for converting and Cable, is one of my favorite x-men.

  2. Awesome skin, thanks!! And thanks for the Goblin aswell! Btw I found some new models, can you please covert them?

    Thanks! And sorry for all these requests...Lol

  3. Thanks for the links :D.
    They all listed until i have opportunity to convert them.
    About Punisher i have other models too. I have plan to port some superheroes models to GTA SA and GTA IV. I only need time to do this ..

    And, btw, i do not open request mod because i do not have good time for modding (recently) and some other reasons. So, it's ok .. if you ask other modder to do these.
    I will probably only able to put new mods next month (February) ....
    I need apologize if unable to respond ... quickly

    1. Gan,yang rocket raccoon itu ganti jadi dri marvel heroes (modern costume).
      Thnks ƞ sori rpotin,Ήέέ

    2. no problems. when you want to make.

    3. Thanks! Take your time, man. No rush :)

    4. kk yunii, buat mod anime naruto pake swimsuit donggg :)

  4. can you rig deadshoot pls her is the link