Crocodile From One Piece

Crocodile GTA San Andreas Ped skin

update 25/7/2017 : rerig Crocodile

I am slow to making mods and do blogging at the moment so i only post a few models that done and uploaded recently.

from One Piece Games

Japanese Name:クロコダイル
Romanized Name:Kurokodairu
Official English Name:Crocodile

convert to GTA SA by Yuniwii (thanks to TRDaz)


I lost the file so i rerig this model again and give the celshading mesh. It actually better than old one.

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  2. Gan, itu foldernya dff sm txd diapain? Pakek img tools tetep gak ada perubahan. Apa harus di rebuild archieve dulu?

  3. aja tuh psk td ada perubahan. Ad solusi nggak gan? Apa perlu di rebuild archieve dulu? Atau ada langkah lain setelah di replace? Mohon bantuannya gan. Buntu nih :)

    1. iya, brgkali perlu direbuild.
      Maaf jawabnya lama (lebih setahun kemudian) brgkali masih bermanfaat bagi yg lain.
      dan brgkali sudah menemukan solusinya


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