Kamen Rider Gills (仮面ライダーギルス, Kamen Raidā Girusu) is a fictional anti-hero protagonist character of the 2001 Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider Agito. Human form of the Gills is Ryou Ashihara, a talented swimmer whose body becomes strange after he got the accident. Being Gills seemed to suffer greatly for Ryou because only invite damage to the body. But after tasting power esper “curing” Kazaya Mana, slowly damage was not seen again after he turned into a Kamen Rider Gills. Kamen Rider Gills have 2 forms; Gills & Exceed Gills.

This is updated version for Kamen Rider Gills that already written at gombolori.net. I fix some textures and weld vertices around Gills's eyes. The Kamen Rider OOO model that take some action with Gills still not uploaded yet. Maybe in next release ...

link download Kamen Rider Gills v1.1

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  1. Hey could you make Axel's weapon from KH2 Eternal Flames send me email if u can make it DJ_TEKU@live.fi


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