Zack Fair
rig by Yuniwii

I already rig Zack Fair from Final Fantasy Crisis Core. This post as back up post previously from And i add new Zack Fair or other Zack Fair version from different games.

Zack Fair from Crisis Core
2. Zack Fair
a. style 1

link download mediafire
b. style 2

Zack Fair with Altair's white horse. Its possible in GTA
link download mediafire

Zack Fair from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

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  1. Gan, Share Jutsu-Jutsu Naruto Dunk.. kyk FireBall, Rasengan, trus yg ane pengen mah Berjalan di Air...

  2. Dude mega thanks my avatar nice

  3. This is so awesome i am glad i asked for it

  4. @Zack Fair You're welcome

    @Renaldi aku ndak begitu paham bikin script jutsu banyak yg ndak work, kalo yg jalan diatas air itu hanya trick pakai model yg ndak kelihatan

  5. Any chance you will make ven ? with wayward wind ?

  6. @Yuniwii
    awesome mods u're doin recently!!! congrats!
    Loved your dw7 girl too!
    Sorry to bother you again,still about that rig small chars that i asked you and u sent me a tutorial. i don't understand one part:
    Import GTA SA model IFP IO
    what's that file?cause when i click on ifp Io on kams script pannel,i have two options: import dff and load ifp.
    when i import one dff they have the normal size ,so do i need to resize it to a smaller one? and than make that rig process: import my model and atach it and save it as a new dff?
    thanks for your support bro!

  7. mksudnya gimn tuh Model yg ndak kelihatan??

  8. @Renaldi Taufiq'Z model yg texturenya di alpha semua (hitam), terbentang di air kayak papan, tapi krn dialpha jadi ndak nampak. Kaya kaca ibaratnya

  9. @Diego4Fun
    yes, after you resize it (your mod model), you can attach the reference model to your mod model,
    or if you use different method (rigging with envelopes) you can resize the model - set hierarchy, affect pivot only to 0,0,0 - arrange bones - and give skin modifier. But sometime it's not always work.
    And thanks to you too, without saw your DW7 girl, i never recognized that my mods exported wrong in face.

  10. @Zack Fair Maybe if i found the model. The problems in KH i need to check the model one by one, since they have random / number name

  11. @Renaldi Taufiq'Z nich link dowload jalan di air

  12. I have the model if u want but you will just need to smooth it

  13. gan, agak off topic dikit gpp ya
    ane pengen nanya nih, cara agan rip mesh dari DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 itu gmana sih ?
    pake 3D Ripper DX apa langsung dari .afs nya ?
    pose nya rapi banget, hampir kayak dalam T-Pose

  14. aku pake 3dripper dx langsung, cuma posenya dibetulin. Bisa diextract dari AFSnya, tapi formatnya aku belum tahu.

  15. cara betulin pose nya gmana ya? masa sih narik vertices nya satu2 ?

  16. Kalo aku ngeripnya biasanya dalam posisi jatuh, atau pose yg mudah dibetulin. Itu dirig dlm posisi not T-pose, bonenya yg dibetulin dan kemudian dipaksa ke T-pose, verticesnya juga bisa dibetulin kalo telaten.


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