How to Use IMG Tool  in Windows 7

How to open img GTA Archive in Windows 7 ?
Since, i only have Windows 7 at the moment and got several questions especially on my Youtube video about using IMG tool or other IMG application, i think better i write some article about this.
Btw, my Youtube account (Yuniwii) got copyright claim strike again (music from my old video) so i probably rarely will use it.

IMG Tool 2.0 by Spooky can be downloaded from here (gtagarage).
This tool not the best, but good for rebuild archive and not need other dependencies. It's ok for GTA Vice City img archive, but only able to add file one by one for GTA San Andreas. So, for GTA San Andreas, i recommend IMG Manager by XMen (it need net framework), Spark 0.9 , Alci's IMG editor or other.

If  you using Windows 7, i think all GTA application have some rules
*Run as administrator
=Sometime need run in compatibility mode

1. Right click imgtool.exe or imgtool shortcut -select properties [Bahasa Indonesia : klik kanan imgtool.exe atau shortcutnya, pilih properties]

2. Select or go to compability mode, 
- select Run this program in compability mode for ( Windows XP)
 -select Run this program as an administrator
click apply 

[Bahasa Indonesia : lalu pilih properties, pilih compability mode,
- pilih Run this program in compability mode for ( Windows XP)
 -pilih Run this program as an administrator

klik apply]

3. In IMG tools option you can set  file association, so all img extension can be opened by IMG Tool and not CD/DVD burner by default.
[Bahasa Indonesia : Jika perlu di IMG tool option, file associationnya dicentang agar file berextensi img otomatis dibuka dengan IMG tool dan bukan aplikasi pembakar CD/DVD]

4. You need to remove read only atributes for img files which will be edited (for example gta3.img), so it can be editable.
-Right click gta3.img - select properties -

[Bahasa Indonesia :  Anda harus membuang atribute read only di file img yang akan diedit (misal gta3.img) agar bisa diedit.
-Klik kanan gta3.img - pilih properties]

-. uncheck read only atributes - apply.
[Bahasa Indonesia :buang centang read only atributes - apply.

Untuk sementara cukup sekian.... alias To be continued

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  1. saya punya rencana upgrade windows. tapi tidak bisa. karena berbagai alasan. sampai sekarang aku masih pakai windows xp. :D

    1. saya juga kepengin install xp lagi, gan ... windows 7 berat dan ribet buat ngemod