Gotenks Kid in GTA San Andreas
rig by Yuniwii
This is Gotenks kid (regular) in GTA San Andreas. The models have bugs (GTA San Andreas common bugs) for small characters. Some animations won't work properly.

and this one below Gotenks kid Supersaiyan (released in May 1, 2011).

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  1. Thanks you,Upload More Characters From Dragon ball please!

  2. cool, do you rip it from "budokai tenkaichi 3"? Yuniwii can I make you a personal request of help? Look, i rip and made this skin, but there a problem. Its super big... And i dont know how to decrease the size, also it hands go inside the body xD If you could make that for me :D rezise it to like, half CJ or little bill size. Thanks Yuniwii, here is the skin:

  3. I already download your file.
    And found "Sidney" name in some texture. That Sonic seem rig by Sidneymadmax.
    I can't do your request, maybe you can ask help from Sidney himself.

  4. yes, Sidney is the codename i use im brazilian's(my country) blogs and "orkut". I only rename the main rar to DJango because it was the name i used to send you shadow model(remember?).

  5. hey Yuni, i'm making a mod for dragonball and I used your models...I called it "real SSJ(for gotenks)".I want it to be posted first on any of your website.I'll just send you a message on Facebook for the link when I'm done.

  6. @koolangot15 if you want to post, maybe better in I already put some other modders mod in there when they submit the file to me in my website.

  7. hi Yuni!i'm almost done.please watch the preview here:

  8. @João and others
    I unable to do some request mods, for a while. Better you can ask other modder or ask in gtaforums mod request.
    I only list the request and mostly use my own model; if i have too.


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