Chiyo Baasama in GTA
rig by Yuniwii

This is Chiyo Baasama or Grand Ma Chiyo from Naruto Shippuden, converted to GTA San Andreas recently, by me. Some bugs maybe still.

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  1. wow Grandma Chiyo, Thanks yuniwii, I like :D!
    However I still not have download this model, because I have problem with mediafire (Authorize Download) I hope later will be download :D
    to greet

  2. @TalixUchiha
    The model actually buggy, that why i avoid to rig the model until now :D

    Pain yg kubuat belum dishare, ..
    Kalau Pain buatan modder lain coba search dgn google, mungkin ada juga di

  3. Yes, now I saw, but not bothering me, not seem big bugs :D