GTA San Andreas Anime Female 1

[mods added : Lala Deviluke, Black Magician Girl, Yami, Atago

02-09-2016 reupload and add new caharacter
So, here just some old mod that already done several weeks ago (quick rig) .... to indicate i still alive :D
From female anime categories, more mods will be added later in this post (if possible)

1. Atago Kai by Hinoichi

I only convert her to GTA SA and add normal map support

download convert : yuniwii

2. Black Magician Girl

download link (normal map support) 

3. Lala Satalin Deviluke
from UT mod . Character from manga and anime とらぶる/ to love ru.

download 19-04-2014

4. Golden Darkness (Golden Darkness (金色の闇 Konjiki no Yami)
from UT mod . Character from manga and anime とらぶる/ to love ru.

to be continued ...

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