GTA IV and GTA San Andreas

King Dark

Villain from Kamen Rider Movies

King Dark (キングダーク Kingu Dāku, : A giant robot who served as the figurehead of the Government of Darkness.
I got problems to handle this textures from Battride War 2 for this model. The correct one, when i did without normal map in GTA San Andreas using DXT 5.
I port them too, for GTA IV, hope the bugs can be fixed. But still, alpha textures not work correctly.
Feel free if you want to fix them

GTA IV King Dark



only regular size available for GTA IV

GTA San Andreas King Dark

with normal map support, without normal map, and Giant size

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  1. Thanks al for converting the model has other really cool villains in this game if possible convert them ^ ^

    These are their names

    Phoenix , Kamen Rider Arc , Apollo Geist

    1. Those. maybe later.
      I probably won't really active (online) until August

  2. Nice gan,moga gan pny skin rider showa jg, hehe


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