GTA San Andreas Dragon Ball Mod

part 1
I have some idea on my mind; not sure i will consistent to implement this or not; i won't post single skin regularly for GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City in one post. I will merge them in one post (until 10-20 mods or some number mods) - i already did - or making mods pack in the future ...
And i think i already reach the limit number for GTA San Andreas add ons with modified skin selector; i able to put 1056 addons (2112 dff-txds), in modified GTA San Andreas without cutscene models; the game crash after that. I can't stop my curiosity btw, but now my curiosity got answer for GTA SA with this result (at least for my PC). I use IMG Limit Adjuster and clean useless files for increasing the limits.

Here resume of Dragon ball mods which done by me ... there are more. But at the moment i only able to put some of them as back up, especially for Gogeta who lost recently. This post will be continued later ...

Gogeta (cel shading)

download link convert : yuniwii reupload



Son Goku

a. Saiyan Outfit

download link 1 link 2 convert : Yuniwii

b. Goku Kid

download link convert : yuniwii


Tienshinhan from Dragon Ball
Download link
convert : Yuniwii

Gotenks kid (regular)

Download link convert : Yuniwii

Gotenks kid Supersaiyan (released in May 1, 2011).

Download link convert : Yuniwii


Full power (Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3)

v1.0 September 21, 2011  convert : Yuniwii

to be continued ...

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