Kushina Uzumaki in GTA IV

My first mod in GTA IV which done with OFIO, somedays ago.

Uploaded with new version :
- Kushina teeth added
- eyes size corrected
- Rigging improved

screenshots :


download link Kushina v 07-09-2013 convert by Yuniwii

"This mod not done yet, reupload not allowed ... link to this post instead. It's probably i will add new varians models and textures in the future"

 This is for GTA SA

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  1. Is it possible you can make your old Pein model a Player model? I tried doing it myself but any tutorial I've tried hasn't been successful. Any time I try playing the story as Pein the Cutscenes freeze.

  2. I make a video with your mod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCSFfK8be7o&list=UUwmoO727qnJT2SmpQY6KkkA